Find serenity at the Maldives coral islands

Find serenity at the Maldives coral islandsTo get to these islands is very easy. You can either have a boat drop you off if you’re staying at a resort or a guesthouse, or see if the itinerary of your boat involves a stop at a deserted island. They usually do, although they rarely have overnight stops on the island.

Once you reach the island, you’ll realize how hundreds of thousands of people have felt the immense healing powers of nature abiding in these tiny coral islands. People who practice meditation will immediately feel the ease of reaching inner peace, as there is absolutely no sound, save for the whispers of the breeze and sighing of waves over the sand and the house reef. On some islands you will find a few species of birds indigenous to the Maldives, but that’s about all the wildlife you’ll see on these islands, that is, above sea level.

What’s below is a completely different story. Where there’s no movement except for the waves and the breeze, below the cryptic surface of the sea, there is a veritable city going on, with communities of squid, schools of fish and hundreds of thousands of different formations of coral growing in a sort of vegetative lassitude, undisturbed by humans.

Turtles swim close to you, unintimidated, as you snorkel around the house reef. Some turtles use the islands as nesting sites, and these nests must not be disturbed as it is prohibited by law. Read more about vacation on a Maldives desert islands.