Facebook pays 1 billion dollars for Instagram

If you have been on Facebook recently, you may have noticed some really exciting changes. That is because Facebook just made a $1 billion purchase to Instagram. This actually happens to be one of the most popular photo sharing apps around, and Facebook surely took advantage of it quickly. They wanted to allow all Facebook users to have a great experience sharing their favorite photos with everyone on their friends list. Facebook has been trying to build a very good photo sharing experience for so many years, and they have finally stumbled upon Instagram and took advantage of everything that it has to offer.

They did note, however, that they would allow Instagram to grow independently while many great features continue to get added. There is much room for changes and improvement as time goes on. You will just have to stick around to see what those changes are actually going to consist of. You can share many beautiful photos depending on your interest via mobile. If you own a mobile phone, and you are already a Facebook user, then this it the perfect app for you to take advantage of. For the very first time, Instagram actually released its iOS app in October. They even came to Android just recently, and many people have already checked them out, so they know what they have to offer.

Overall, Facebook made a very good move, and they even feel that is was well worth it. There are many users who have been enjoying this app just as well. Facebook wants to allow photos to be published on many other social networks. Followers will be able to follow users even if they are not on their friends list. This has a lot to do with the features that are apart of the app as well. It is also a very enjoyable app for everyone.