Top Obstacles of Home Selling

After listing a house several times and receiving little or no response from prospective buyers most people begin to wonder what the problem is. Some realtors will tell you that selling a home takes time. Indeed it does. If you notice that similar homes in the market are selling and yours is not, there could be a deeper problem.

One of the biggest obstacles of selling real estate in Colorado is the price of the home. If your home is priced to high, it is unlikely that you will receive inquiries. The best way to price your home is by comparing it to similar homes in your area that have recently sold.

Many sellers price their homes by using a dated appraisal combined with an appreciation calculation. This is not the wisest method for pricing your home for two reasons. Your home is not guaranteed to appreciate over time. In fact, some homes depreciate in value. The second reason is that an appraisal even as little as one year ago does not win over current market worth. The best way to price your home is based on today’s market.

A second obstacle that could stand in the way of selling a home is the condition of the home. Buyers are looking to purchase homes that are in top condition. Anything less will likely not receive an offer. It is important to make sure your house is presentable – both inside and outside – before showing it to any prospective buyers. In fact, the outside should be prepared before the home is listed. If a prospect drives by the house and deems the outside not presentable, he or she will not bother with inquiring about the inside of the house.

Price and condition are two of the biggest obstacles for home selling. If your home is not selling, these are the first to attributes you should check.