Skin Care Routine for Skin Care in Summer

Skin Care Routine for Skin Care in Summer

Summer is a great time to get a new skin care routine. In the past, people would just take their dogs for walks and go on vacations, but now that we’re living longer, it’s important to care for your skin as you age. There are many different factors that can cause an individual’s skin to look older than their actual age. Heavy sun exposure and oxidation can lead to bags under the eyes and wrinkles on the face and therefore the need to massage therapy fredericksburg va.


People will go through many products in their life. The first thing to think about is the cream or lotion you use. Although there are many different kinds of lotions, people should stick with ones containing at least 4% to 5% oils. This type of product moisturizes the skin without making it greasy or oily. The other benefit of these products is the smell they provide. Fragrances and essential oils make your skin feel fresh and clean.


There are two types of cleansers: bar soaps and face washes. Face washes work by washing off all the impurities on your face without leaving a film behind on your skin’s surface. Bar soaps work by breaking down the dirt and oil on your face. These products are a good choice if you don’t want to use skin washes or makeup remover. If you have sensitive skin, using bar soaps can be a problem as they can be very drying.


Toning is a cleanser as well as a moisturizer. It doesn’t remove dirt and oils like bar soaps while it also doesn’t leave behind a film on your skin like face washes do. Tones are made with chamomile, aloe vera, cucumber and other ingredients that help keep your skin healthy looking. When applied, it will make your skin feel refreshed and clean.

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Next, protect your facial features. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and can easily get wrinkles on it if you don’t take care of it properly. Many people who do not wear makeup or have a job that requires them to work outside will suffer from sun damage to the eyelids and eye area. Next, eyebrows and eyelashes are important for facial features as well. Eyebrows frame the face in a way that can make anyone look younger or show their age if they aren’t kept up correctly. The same goes for eyelashes which are most commonly affected by mascara and eye lash curlers.