Direct mail-in Pickering, ON for postcard printing services

Direct mail-in Pickering, ON for postcard printing services

Postcards have been rising to fame for ages. They have become the new aesthetic. People have been showing their preference for handwritten postcards over typed written electronic mail or fax. They are known to relay the sender’s sincerity and symbolize their responsibility towards the receiver. Perhaps because handwritten mails have always held emotions strengthening the connection of both parties. It is ethically a better option despite the convenience of digital communication. The old school invites with postcards have their unique essence that can never be lost. Direct mail-in Pickering, ON provides us with printing services for postcards, flyers, invitations, entry passes, and much more.

History of postcards

They have been in the picture since 1840. The first ever postcard was created by a writer named Theodore hook. History says, Theodore hook probably posted the postcard as a joke for the postal service. However, the idea seemed too good to let go of. His postcard with the classical unique black stamp became an antique which later in the year 2002 was sold for 31,750£ in an auction. Though the entire postcard fiasco started in 1840, they were commercially produced in 1865. They served a beautiful time with communication, especially during the world wars when the men on the border longed to know the survival of their loved ones.

Importance of postcards in today’s generation

In a fast-forward world, people tend to keep looking back on things from the past. Postcards hold memories, they can’t compare to a text that we received which will probably be deleted in a few days or weeks. Past accommodations have been rising to fame again in the name of the vintage aesthetic. Some people collect postcards and stamps as a personal collection for their hobbies.

Designs and direct mail services

direct mail in Pickering, ON offers a variety of designs including, premium, standard, and personalized designs in their collection attracting the public. They can be used for thank you notes, invitations, etc for loyal and important clients. We can also tag our gifts with them for our close friends and family. Perhaps, our handwritten letter can make their day.