What Is Custom Aluminum Die Casting?

What Is Custom Aluminum Die Casting?

Custom aluminum dies casting is a process where a mold is created using various steps such as pouring liquid metal into the mold and blowing to create a shape. The process begins with an alloy, typically a mixture of aluminum and oxygen. The liquid metal is poured into the mold and allowed to cool. The excess material is then blown off the surface using compressed air or gas pressure. After this, the tooling can be attached to the mold that will define the part’s final shape. 

The process of custom aluminium die casting is manufacturing a die from an aluminum master using a metal forming machine. About 50% of the aluminum castings produced today are made this way. It is mainly applied to smaller, customized parts as it produces very high-quality castings with minimal scrap due to its precision. 

What is custom aluminum die casting used for? 

Custom aluminum dies casting creates a part or product from molten aluminum by pouring it into a mold, which is then heated and cooled to harden the aluminum. It is used in aerospace, automotive, and biomedical engineering. Aluminum parts are also used in the manufacture of cookware and other utensils. Aluminum die casting is a manufacturing process that is melted, poured, and cooled into a liquid. The resulting shape is then solidified using pressure and heat. The process has long been used in the automotive industry, but it can also be found in other industries such as aerospace, medical devices, and electronics. It has also become a popular choice for DIY projects or maker communities. 

custom aluminium die casting


This process involves some fairly precise steps that require specialized equipment and skillsets. Companies need to do their research to ensure that they get the best quality metal products from this process. Aluminum die casting is mainly used in the manufacturing and construction industries. It can be applied in several fields such as automotive, aerospace, and many others. 

Popular custom aluminum die casting companies in Malaysia: 

Malaysia is the third-largest supplier of the Die casting industry in Asia. In Malaysia, many popular companies provide custom aluminium die casting services.

These are some of the popular companies:

· DMC Group

· Lai Chee

· Hapak Group

· Hi-Tech Industries

· Aluminium Technology (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

· Alloytech Casting Plastics, Sdn Bhd

· Global Castings, Sdn Bhd

· Maxy Metal Casting, Sdn Bhd

· Mymetal Castings Group Berhad 

Aluminum is the most commonly used metal for producing dies, being highly malleable and having a good strength-to-weight ratio for a metal without any significant corrosion resistance issues like Ferro metals such as iron or nickel.