Floral tattoos, meanings and features of the most popular ones

Floral tattoos, meanings and features of the most popular ones

As is known, tattoos with flowers , are one of the greatly widespread options for whom who need to beautify their membrane with a sense of art that can be personalized and declined in a thousand and more ways 타투.

More widespread on the female body than in the male one, by virtue of the fact that – traditionally and especially in Western countries – these tattoos were precisely the most common among women, in reality today they constitute a very versatile choice.

It is also by virtue of the many advantages that today it is possible to attribute to floral tattoos that more and more men have embraced with conviction the hypothesis of tattooing a flower . And so, day after day, the share of men who have a flower tattooed is rapidly climbing the charts, to become almost comparable with that of women.

Where floral tattoos are born

The origin of this type of tattoo can be traced to the traditional Japanese, which has great regard for the flower and what it represents.

The meaning of flower tattoos

Having clarified the above, let’s try to deepen our focus on floral tattoos trying to understand what they can mean.


Not everyone knows, for example, that flowers can be used to symbolize success . Many people use the symbol of a flower to symbolize that they have managed to do something particularly important. In fact, when someone is successful in something during their life, it is not uncommon to receive flowers sent by people more or less close, who deliver decorations and floral arrangements just to congratulate the person celebrated.


Similarly, people wear this type of tattoo to show that they have been successful in something they care about in their life.


In addition to success, another of the best known symbols of a flower is love . No wonder that, during the holidays of Valentine’s Day or other occurrences, people give their loved ones a bouquet of flowers to symbolize love.

So, if it is true that flowers (or at least a part of them) can represent love, then a person can choose to adopt a floral tattoo to represent the love they have towards a loved one. Love is, in short, the main symbolism for the floral tattoo but… certainly not the only one.