Benefits Of Archery As An Outdoor Game Rather Than Indoor Game

Benefits Of Archery As An Outdoor Game Rather Than Indoor Game


Archery is not a static but a dynamic sports which need the energy to be spent. While shooting an arrow, the energy that is spent while drawing a bowstring and also when you go to collect arrows from the target at the far end of the practice ground is quite large.It is seen that an archer who won a gold medal in Olympics burns approximately just 740 calories less than that of a woman in the marathon and almost 1000 calories more than a man participating in a 100m sprint race. The archers walk around five miles each day and burn almost 100 to 150 calories a day.

Why archery can be a good sport for your body?

  1. Strengthening your Muscles:
  • While drawing a bow, it is the muscles that are doing the job and taking the strain.
  • When you draw a bow, the tension in the string is the same as the work done by your body muscles and physiological areas like rotor-cuffs, which provides support for the movement of your shoulder.
  • When you practice, vigorously, these muscles take the strain and hence gets strengthen more and more.
  1. Control over your body:
  • Archers learn to be steady and focus because these are the thing that defines a shot.
  • It trains your mind to avoid any kind of distraction like wind direction, distance, noise, etc.
  • Wind direction is one of the major factors that need to be eliminated by gaining control of our body because according to the wind direction, an archer has to adjust the shot accordingly as the arrow deviates some distance depending on the wind velocity and direction.
  1. Coordination of Hand-Eye Movement:
  • An archer needs to get a stronghold of the muscle memory and instinct along with it, your eye needs to be sharp too for good aiming.
  • Coordination of these two movements together will be required for a high precision shot and eliminate an erroneous shot.
  • As you practice this coordination will tend to become your instinct.


The benefits of archery:

Apart from the above, archery is known to heal human conditions, as well as gather enough strength to heal you mentally as well. If you want to take up a new sport, then archery can be a good option for you. Prepare to thank yourself later on, once you start playing archery!