Ditch Those Poor Vending Machine Coffee Cups

Ditch Those Poor Vending Machine Coffee Cups

There is nothing better than a hot cup of joe in a cold early morning. The only thing that can ruin is if you accidentally burn your hands at the immense heat of the cup. It is, unfortunately, something that happens frequently to almost every single one of us. In addition, you will have no choice but to wait for a long time just for your cup of coffee to simmer down.

Those wasted moments you took waiting for your coffee to be easier to handle is wasted coffee drinking time. We, as humans, are naturally busy people. You will normally find coffee lovers to be very cranky until they have their first proper cup. For that, you should look into getting yourself one of these double wall coffee cups.

 Cheap Quality V.S. High-Quality

Have you ever tried one of those cheap vending machine coffees? The ones that produce coffee on those thin and flimsy cups? Then you would definitely know the feeling of having your hands feel like it is burning itself to the brim when held. You might even notice that some really badly cheap coffee cups would actually burn a hole through the cup itself.

What you might not know is that it can drastically affect the taste of your coffee. No, it is not just because you burnt your tongue. Although, that is also something that happens quite a lot with cheap vending machine coffee. Instead, the cheap build of the cup will leave a residue that mixes with your coffee. That would cause your coffee to come up with a weird aftertaste when drinking.

Double wall coffee cups

 Health Hazard

Speaking of cheap coffee cups, those cheap coffee vending machine paper cups are actually a potential health hazard. The materials that those cups were made of are often subpar which could lead to toxins from the cups. That weird residue aftertaste that was discussed before can actually cause people to become sick if the cup isn’t sanitized properly.

Not to mention the fact that those vending machine coffee cups could be stored on those machines for months already. You can never truly know the cleanliness and safety of those cheap paper cups.

Size Matters

One annoying thing about those vending machine coffee cups is their size. They are either too small or too big for their own good. But how can there be such a thing as too much coffee? Said the coffee fanatics.

Well, one of the major issues about purchasing large cups of coffee from those vending machines is that the flavor tends to be oversaturated. You can never truly trust an automated machine to properly balance out the flavor to the coffee ratio that we want. As such, you are often left with coffee that is either too bitter or too bland.