Surge arrester: what it is for and how to choose the right one

Surge arrester: what it is for and how to choose the right one

What is the surge arrester

The surge arrester is a tool that can be mounted inside the electrical panel, therefore upstream of the home system. Its use allows to protect the electrical system on which it is installed local electrician in Canton, GA.

Surge arrester, protection for the installation

The surge arrester will protect the entire system from overvoltages , surges and surges of electricity that may come from the power line operator, or from atmospheric phenomena such as lightning . These electrical anomalies can cause serious damage to the devices connected to the sockets.

A surge in electricity can cause the hardware of a PC to break , or cause a short circuit to the boards of smartphones, tablets and household appliances. In the event that the flow of energy suddenly increases, human life can even be in danger , due to electrocution . To prevent this from happening, it is therefore advisable to fit a surge arrester.

How does it work

In the moment in which these anomalies of the electricity occur, therefore a surge or a spike, this instrument intervenes by immediately discharging the excess energy to the ground.

How to defend your systems from lightning strikes

Atmospheric phenomena or the distribution network often cause overvoltages that cause short circuits, variations in charges etc. These can sometimes cause irreparable damage to your electrical systems, such as: alarm systems and video surveillance, lighting, audio-video systems and more up to involving the most ordinary dimensions such as damage to household appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, television and so on. other, which can be permanently compromised and therefore no longer usable.

Surge arresters are advanced protection systems and have been tested to be resistant to the consequences of atmospheric phenomena by releasing a very low residual voltage.  They are generally installed at the point where electrical power is supplied and become full protection through sequence installations as needed.

The voltage Un, ie the rated voltage of the power supply mode.

  • The maximum continuous voltage, that is an indicator that indicates the intervention limit of the arrester
  • The voltage level for the Up protection, which is the maximum voltage point during the action of the SPD.