Roomba Models: What is Roomba?

Roomba Models: What is Roomba?

Roombas are robotic vacuum cleaners. Yes, welcome to the new millennium. Think about how many of our ancestors thought that by then we would have robots to cope with all our basic needs, and yet the idea of ​​a robot cleaner still surprises many. The incredible thing is that many people have not heard about Roomba and that they lack the potential benefits of this fantastic robot cleaner!

How does it operate?

Roomba is small, round and low to the ground. He travels the floors, collecting everything his standard vacuum cleaner will do. The difference is that it allows you to relax and rest. No, you don’t have to rack your back while moving the sofa to step back, as Roomba slides easily underneath.

Several models and generations of Roombas are available. Each of them has its characteristics, and newer and more expensive models will have more desirable functions.

roomba models

What are the basics of Roomba?

The basic premise of Roomba is that it can vacuum your room on its own. Some models must be programmed with room size. Each Roomba has an infrared sensor that prevents it from colliding with your furniture and walls. This is great, because who wants their old coffee table to be dented with a robotic vacuum cleaner? Another great feature is the scheduled launch at certain times of the day. This means Roomba can vacuum your home every day while you are at work, and then you don’t need to worry about it.

Rechargeable batteries power these devices. Older models must be connected to the wall manually. The best roomba models  can be programmed to return to their base on their own. Battery life is usually for twelve hours. This may seem like pain as if someone always remembered to put the cordless phone back in the cradle, but this is a compromise when it comes to saving time by not having a vacuum cleaner.

Another reason some people laugh at Roomba is that you have to empty the container where all the garbage goes continually. Since the vacuum is so small, this container cannot be enormous. However, due to the ability to use a robotic vacuum cleaner regularly, Roomba will collect less and less dirt, which in turn reduces the need to empty the container. Just remember that at some point every vacuum cleaner needs to be emptied, whether it be a bag, a can or a small box in a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Roomba original models

The original models had only one cleaning mode; today, there are three of them. Cleaning is intended for regular cleaning and will be used more often. Spot tells him to work in a specific area, and Max tells him to clean until the battery runs out.

Whether Roomba is suitable for your home depends on the individual. This handy robotic tool seems to help reduce the load, and it’s ideal for everyone!